Lindsey Douros

Lindsey Douros is Pellegrini Team Consulting’s newest member. She has four years of experience in the hospitality industry, where she was a catering sales manager as well as a group sales coordinator. She also has two years of experience as an executive administrative assistant in an educational setting. Lindsey’s varied background in fast-paced and consistently changing environments makes her well suited to be part of the team, as she’s always ready and excited to take on new challenges as they arise. As a former editor and writer for several print publications, she enjoys working with the Pellegrini Team because it combines many of her strengths and talents into a key supporting role, which helps to ensure the success of our clients.

When Lindsey’s not supporting our team, she enjoys testing the limits of her kitchen appliances and her husband’s patience. It usually turns out okay. No InstaPot explosions have been reported yet. She and her husband are usually found chasing after their two very energetic (and entertaining!) young girls, and rescue dog McFly. With the company of her colorful companions, Lindsey enjoys hiking, swimming, exploring new cities, eating new foods, and general adventuring. Sometimes she even finds time to write it all down.

Email: [email protected]