Scheduling Effectiveness

14 Mar

Is your calendar full with appointments every week? Are you cherry picking your client base because of time? Are you still doing the scheduling? Scheduling is the most important component to grow your business. However, in most offices scheduling does not get the proper attention it deserves. If the advisor is making the calls, one […]

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Leadership + Initiative = Teamwork

15 Jul

1. (noun) cooperative or coordinated effort on the part of a group of persons acting together as a team or in the interests of a common cause.   Teamwork makes sense for a lot of reasons, but it isn’t second-nature or easy. Do you and your staff always work together in a “cooperative or […]

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Get Off the Phone!

09 Jun

Why Staff Should Call Clients, Prospects and Referrals Are you still making calls to fill your calendar? I hope not! If you are, it’s time to delegate the scheduling to your staff. Give up the calls — and I mean all of them! — to existing clients, prospects and referrals. Yes, referrals. Does that make […]

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The Client Base Advantage

07 May

Are you working your client base efficiently — or do you cherry pick? By cherry pick, I mean this: do you glance over the names in your client files and call only the people you think will do business? Are you calling them because of a hunch, a preconceived notion or past history? If that’s […]

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Are You A Control Freak?

13 Apr

Don’t be afraid to let go and grow! Do you manage your practice — or are you a control freak, always trying to arrange, contain and maneuver people and events? Do you trust your employees or are you guilty of second-guessing and overriding their efforts? If you’re afraid to let go of some responsibility (and […]

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