Janet Haines

Janet joins the team with her Master’s in Business Administration and copious experience in sales and management with a laser focus on customer service.

A “military brat” of her Naval Master Chief father, she has worked with businesses of all sizes and in several industries.

Janet considers herself to be an extreme telephone professional. She resonated quickly with Gina’s proven process of appointment scheduling and is thrilled to use her aptitudes for people, numbers and lists. “Gina puts the right people and the right process in place and then I’m able to be myself and help advisors grow their business.”

Janet’s other passion is plant-based medicine which she has been practicing on her friends and family for over 30 years.

And then there is cursive.  In 2019, she taught 17 third graders how to write in the dying-art of cursive handwriting and is working to expand her reach through local libraries in Illinois and Indiana – all for the love of cursive!

Email: [email protected]