Kristi Soule

Kristi Soule

Kristi joined our team in 2016. Previously, she worked in the human resources field for several years, and has always appreciated learning the skills that are necessary for training and development.

She enjoys working at Pellegrini Team because it’s like being in a small family. Also, the relationship with the advisors we support is truly rewarding as she can see the difference we’re making in their business!

On her time off, Kristi enjoys working with a local animal rescue. She’s fostered numerous animals over the years and has had many unique experiences. When she doesn’t have fosters in the house, she gives extra special attention to her dog Paisley, and cats Whitey and Beeper.

She also likes to spend time with family and friends, attend concerts, read, and try any new activities the Twin Cities has to offer!


Email: [email protected]