The Appointment Scheduler – e-book (pdf)


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    Are you in front of the right people at the right time? Do you have a regular stream of prospects and top-notch clients? Is most of your time spent generating income? Does your marketing assistant help grow the business?

    If you answered no to any of these questions, The Appointment Scheduler is for you! It provides systems, strategies, and phone scripts to turn time into money.

    Aimed at advisors and marketing assistants, The Appointment Scheduler has a straightforward message: by working your existing client base, you can increase referrals, appointments, and revenue. Marketing assistants can master the scheduling process with the help of the book’s telephoning tips and techniques.

    The Appointment Scheduler covers:

    • Organizing your client base
      •  Converting service calls into opportunities
      •  Delegation of phone calls
      •  Consistency in scheduling
      •  Overcoming objections
      •  Getting past gatekeepers
      •  Telephone scripts – and MORE!
      •  Find out how to improve client relations and profits — one call at a time!

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