Gina is an experienced speaker and has worked with MDRT, NAIFA, Allianz, London Life and dozens of broker dealers and general agencies. Below are some of her most popular topics. Gina can easily tailor her speaking engagement to fit your needs.





Maximizing Your Practice (for Advisors)

Are you getting the most out of your client base? Are you leveraging your time to increase sales? Do you have a strong, successful team? Gina shares her strategies for improving leadership, working your client base and increasing your appointment stream. Because Gina knows the daily pace and hurdles faced by advisors, her approach is realistic and industry-specific. Challenging the way you think and operate, she shows you how to improve your business and build a motivated team you can count on.


The Power of TeamWork (for Teams)

Are you working as a team? Do you have enough appointments? Is time management an issue? Join Gina as she reveals the secrets of successful teamwork. Learn systems to streamline workflow and increase productivity. Gain insights on team roles and expectations. Explore communication, delegation, staff initiative and leadership. Get practical ideas that really work! Gina involves everyone by asking questions, providing exercises and discussing strategies to improve team performance.


The Hiring Advantage (for Advisors)

Your staff plays an important part in the success of your business. So how do you find and keep the best staff possible? Gina explains how to identify and hire the best fit for your business. She challenges your way of thinking about hiring and offers practical advice on the interviewing process. With Gina’s approach to hiring, your investment will pay off.


The Purposeful Employee (for Staff)

It’s no secret that employers and employees approach work differently. With Gina’s help, your staff will understand how and why. When employees have a handle on their employer’s thinking, they accept their boss’s behavior, take appropriate action and expand their own role in the business. The boss is understood and supported, the staff takes more ownership, the business flourishes — and everyone wins.