Are you getting the most out of your team?





If you give your team members more of what they need, they’ll give you more of what you want.” Pellegrini’s Golden Rule of Business


Imagine walking in to your office, the team is managing the daily workflow, the phones are being handled and your calendar is full. It’s my belief that most team members are underutilized. If you want to change the office dynamic and be freed up to do what you want to do, sign up for The TeamWork Advantage. Designed for teams that want more — more enthusiasm, clarity, communication, and teamwork.

Facilitated by Gina Pellegrini, the expert on team building, The TeamWork Advantage is a series of calls to help create a cohesive and motivated team to support you and the company vision. You’ll understand how each of you operate, be clear about the company direction and team member responsibilities, streamline workflow, eliminate interruptions, be in control of time and build accountability. The emphasis is on leadership and initiative.

After seven calls the entire team will feel more involved, connected and committed!


Benefits for advisors…

  • overcome the fear of letting go
    • overcome the fear of letting go
    • define what it takes to achieve the company vision
    • develop greater trust in your team
    • eliminate interruptions
    • spend more time in front of clients


Benefits for team members…

  • become more involved in the business
    • become more involved in the business
    • discover ways to take more initiative
    • work with less interruptions
    • improve communication with advisor
    • maximize your abilities
    • expand your role


Call #1 – The Team Connection

Everyone operates differently but understanding why is key! The discussion will highlight how to eliminate daily frustrations and improve communication within the office, by uncovering and validating an individual’s natural talents and instinctive method of operation. The team will also learn how to support your needs, protect you from interruptions, filter what comes in to the office, and schedule your time.

Call #2 – The Growth Focuser
We’ll clarify the vision, define expectations, build accountability measures, and learn more about what prevents company growth.

Call #3 – The Purposeful Team
Being purposeful is key to making things easier for the advisor, and the team can make it happen. When the advisor learns how to let go, trust, and delegate thoroughly, the team will be empowered to take initiative.

Call #4 – The Time Breakthrough
Time management is crucial for everyone to feel in control of his or her time. Uncovering the impact of an Ideal Week for the advisor and Ideal Day for the team will ensure everyone is focused on the right activities at the right time of the day.

Call #5 – The Implementation Movement
Systems, systems, systems will give the staff confidence and direction of how things should be done to eliminate chaos, save time, and increase productivity.

Call #6 – The Communication Enhancement
When done right, open communication saves time and improves the morale in the office. We’ll discuss the impact of scheduled meetings, the importance of an agenda and when they should take place.

Call #7 – The Wrap-Up
Review progress, reevaluate, and reignite the team’s continued growth for the improvement of the business.

All calls are one hour


“Start with good people, lay out the rules, communicate with your employees, motivate them and reward them. If you do all those things effectively, you can’t miss.”
– Lee Iacocca