Is everyone in your company on the same page? 


The TeamWork Builder teaches leadership and a collaborative approach that builds effective teamwork. Goals become clear, so everyone is working toward a specific outcome; there is no guesswork about where the company is going and how it will get there. Job duties are clarified, and the team knows exactly what to do and why. Communication is regular, so any problems are discussed openly. Innovations are encouraged because everyone wants a bigger and better future. In short, the business owner becomes a more effective leader, and the staff becomes more involved in the business.

The TeamWork Builder is a multi-stage program. Customized to meet your needs, it strengthens the company foundation so everyone knows how to work toward success.

The process begins with a series of fact-finding phone sessions. Gina helps the team determine what works in the business and what needs to be changed. From the calls, the vision is defined, systems are built and communication becomes regular through a step-by-step action plan created to move the team forward.