Do you need someone to fill your calendar?


A virtual scheduling solution to build a consistent stream of revenue by letting our schedulers fill your calendar.


Top 4 reasons the calendar is not consistently full:

  • Cherry picking
    •  Calls not being made daily
    •  Non-existent system to work the client base
    •  Prospects fall through the cracks

Top 4 ADVANTAGES of The Virtual Scheduler:

  • No hiring, training, managing or payroll
    • A full calendar week after week
    • More time to be in front of opportunities
    • More referrals


What’s the goal of  The Virtual Scheduler?
To have a full calendar, week after week, with the number and type of appointments you want.

How does the program work?
We help you build a list of names from your client base, assign a scheduler to make daily calls and update you weekly on our progress.

Who do you call?
Clients, prospects, referrals and/or seminar attendees to guarantee the number of appointments you want per week.

Where are the schedulers?
They are in my office so I can hold them accountable, monitor their calls and continuously train them.

What will my clients think if someone else is calling them?
They’ll think the scheduler is part of your team. The caller ID has your area code and they speak as your assistant.

How soon can I expect appointments on the calendar?
You’ll see appointments scheduled on your calendar within days.  After that, we’ll hit your weekly quota.

Here’s what others have said

Gina Pellegrini and her team have provided us with a seamless experience that feels just like a full time employee providing valuable support. Our kept meeting ratios and general activity has gone up considerably, and I now have more time to strategically plan. I highly recommend all of Pellegrini’s services for advisor teams working to get to the next level.

— John

My experience with Pellegrini Team consulting has been phenomenal. At this point, I’ve been using them for 5 months. In that time, we’ve had a 20%+ increase in my total appointments kept (over 70 per month now), resulting in an increase in business. I would suggest their services to any financial advisor that’s looking for exponential growth.

— Randy

Hiring Pellegrini as part of my team has been a home run! I’ve consistently experienced a 25% increase in monthly activity, as well as less distractions trying to manage my own calendar. It’s provided more focused time with clients and better planning opportunities.

— Aaron


  • Dedicated scheduler
    • Daily outbound calls
    • Weekly updates
    • Detailed notes

An investment of $2,250/month

With 40 years of scheduling experience, as a scheduler and trainer,

I know how to fill a calendar!