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Gina Pellegrini

About Gina

Meet Gina, the driving force behind Pellegrini Team Consulting. With a remarkable career spanning over 40 years in the financial services industry, Gina's journey began as an administrative scheduling assistant to a financial producer in Chicago. In this role, she honed her skills, keeping his calendar full and efficiently managed the day-to-day operations of the office.

During her tenure, Gina identified a unique opportunity while training new team members within the agency. Recognizing the need for a specialized service, she ventured into entrepreneurship, founding Pellegrini Team Consulting. The primary focus? Assisting financial advisors in hiring, training, and working more effectively with their teams.

Gina's passion lies in building cohesive teams comprised of action-oriented individuals who share a commitment to realizing the company's vision. In her own words, "I'm LUCKY and HONORED to have a team of rock stars that truly care about the business, our clients, and me!"

With Gina at the helm, Pellegrini Team Consulting thrives on a foundation of experience, expertise, and a genuine dedication to client success. Explore the difference that a seasoned professional like Gina and her team can make in your financial advisory journey.


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