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About Us

We work with activity driven financial advisors looking for a streamlined system to work their client base, turning prospects into clients and clients into referrers.


Our ideal client:

  • 5+ years in the business

  • 250+ clients

  • Regularly connect with prospects and clients

  • 20+ referrals/month

Why Choose Us

We understand the scheduling difficulties most advisors face, therefore our focus is to eliminate the common obstacles of:


  • Cherry picking the client base

  • Prospects falling through the cracks

  • No consistency in the calendar

  • Daily dials

  • Giving up after 1 or 2 attempts

  • No system for referrals

We Can Help

With our consultative style and a dedicated Relationship Manager, we reduce, eliminate, and solve your challenges. Let's uncover the goldmine within your database to build the future company, one call at a time.

The Investment

$2,250 with a four-month minimum

Let’s Work Together

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Here's What Others Have Said

Gina Pellegrini and her team have provided us with a seamless experience that feels just like a full-time employee providing valuable support. Our kept meeting ratios and general activity has gone up considerably, and I now have more time to strategically plan. I highly recommend all of Pellegrini’s services for advisor teams working to get to the next level. -John

My experience with Pellegrini Team consulting has been phenomenal. At this point, I’ve been using them for 5 months. In that time, we’ve had a 20%+ increase in my total appointments kept (over 70 per month now), resulting in an increase in business. I would suggest their services to any financial advisor that’s looking for exponential growth. -Randy

Hiring Pellegrini as part of my team has been a home run! I’ve consistently experienced a 25% increase in monthly activity, as well as less distractions trying to manage my own calendar. It’s provided more focused time with clients and better planning opportunities. -Aaron

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