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The Objective & Details

Ready for someone else to make your appointments? We can help! The Virtual Scheduler service builds a consistent revenue stream by contracting us to fill your calendar.


No hiring, training, managing, or payroll


Just more time to be in front of people with a steady flow of the right type of appointments. You provide your client base, and our system doesn’t let anyone fall through the cracks.


Our objective is to build and implement an efficient system that works your client base, eliminates cherry picking, so you can turn prospects into clients and clients into referrers.


We call your clients, prospects, referrals, orphans, and/or seminar attendees to hit the number of appointments you want each week.


A dedicated Relationship Manager will focus on your calendar by confirming your appointments, making daily outbound dials, and using our proven strategies to connect by phone, email, or text to keep your calendar stacked.


We also provide weekly tracking numbers, keep detailed notes and meet with you at a specific time each week to brainstorm on changes for greater success.


The Investment

$2,250 with a four-month minimum

Let’s Work Together

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Here's What Others Have Said

Gina Pellegrini and her team have provided us with a seamless experience that feels just like a full-time employee providing valuable support. Our kept meeting ratios and general activity has gone up considerably, and I now have more time to strategically plan. I highly recommend all of Pellegrini’s services for advisor teams working to get to the next level. -John

My experience with Pellegrini Team consulting has been phenomenal. At this point, I’ve been using them for 5 months. In that time, we’ve had a 20%+ increase in my total appointments kept (over 70 per month now), resulting in an increase in business. I would suggest their services to any financial advisor that’s looking for exponential growth. -Randy

Hiring Pellegrini as part of my team has been a home run! I’ve consistently experienced a 25% increase in monthly activity, as well as less distractions trying to manage my own calendar. It’s provided more focused time with clients and better planning opportunities. -Aaron

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