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The Revenue Resource is a group training series that consists of 7 one-hour phone calls, designed for the advisor to let go of scheduling and build the confidence and capability of the relationship manager. This series offers:

  • A defined system to work your client base to turn prospects into clients and clients into referrers

  • Language to get returned calls, confirm and schedule appointments to accelerate results

  • Continued tweaks to language to help overcome objections

  • Structured process to connect, nurture, and enhance relationships

  • Role-playing with Gina, a seasoned expert, on the art of scheduling

  • System to track dials, reaches, and appointments

  • Easy to use templates and resources

  • Time with Gina for questions, concerns, or feedback during and in between calls throughout the series


Next series begins on JULY 23, 2024 and all calls are at 10am CST on the following dates

Call #1 July 23

Call #2 July 24

Call #3 July 31
Call #4 August 6
Call #5 August 20
Call #6 September 5
Call #7 September 26


$2500 (Advisor & Relationship Manager)

$1000 for each additional Relationship Manager

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Here's What Others Have Said

The Revenue Resource has been a tremendous program for my firm. Gina took two of our employees, neither of whom had any telemarketing experience, and turned them into confident, appointment scheduling machines. The systems she developed helped us expand our business prospect pipeline tenfold. - Chad, Advisor

I wanted to let you know about a referral I just spoke with. He was very adamant that he did not need anyone to help him with his financial plans. Gina, I used your approach — “I appreciate that, but Quinn would still like to share a few ideas with you” — and I got the appointment!!! I was so thrilled! -Mickey, Relationship Manager

I have to be honest, I was very nervous to begin this program. However, I found Gina to be very easy to work with. By the second phone call, I felt more comfortable, gained incredible confidence, and noticed a huge improvement in my results, as has my boss! 

-Karina, Relationship Manager

Gina taught our firm a very valuable lesson – “people only care that they are being taken care of, not who is taking care of them.” She shifted my widely held belief that I alone had to make the phone calls to existing clients, prospects, and centers of influence (which I could never do consistently). Her program provided my assistant with a daily game plan (30 to 45 minutes) to pick up the phone, sell the appointment, and follow up with confidence. New actions, more appointments, greater effectiveness. I thank you again, Gina, for helping me discover my blind spot. – Charles, Advisor

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