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Includes one copy of each of the following:


The Hiring Advantage - This is the hiring preparation you need to ensure a smooth process. Learn how to define the role, evaluate the candidates, and present the offer.


The Appointment Scheduler - Turn time into money with these systems, strategies, and phone scripts. Aimed at advisors and their scheduler, The Appointment Scheduler has a straightforward message: by working your existing client base, you can increase referrals, appointments, and revenue. A scheduler will learn to master the scheduling process with the help of the book’s telephoning tips and techniques.


Let Go & Lead! - This book is for the advisor on how ingrained habits slow down even the most successful business owner. Learn to say goodbye to rigid control and micromanagement.


Take Initiative & Succeed! - This book is for a team member helping them take a fresh look at their habits and attitudes to help them fee fulfilled and understand their true purpose at work. Gina explains the connection between employee’s actions and the company’s success. Each staff member will see how supporting and protecting their advisor, while filtering everything that comes into the office, will ultimately benefit the overall health of the business.


The Conversation Starter - A simple go-to book for the advisor and/or team member, with some key words to start any discussion. This will help with collaboration and communication, which will eliminate the barriers most offices face.


Pellegrini Master Collection – e-book (PDF)

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