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Does your staff take initiative — or do they wait to be told what to do? Are they trusted and involved in your business — or are they stuck and feeling disconnected? Is your team maximizing their skills and capabilities — or are they complacent and just following a routine?


If you feel your team is ready to get more out of their role — more involvement, recognition, and financial reward — this book is for your team!


Take Initiative & Succeed! is about taking a fresh look at the habits and attitudes that will help your staff fulfill their true purpose at work. Drawing from her 40 years in the business, 17 years as an administrative/marketing assistant and 23 years working with teams in the financial services industry, Gina explains the connection between employee’s actions and the company’s success. Each staff member will see how supporting and protecting the boss, while filtering everything that comes into the office, will ultimately benefit the overall health of the business. After all, if the business isn’t making money, there won’t be opportunities for your team to grow personally, professionally or financially!

Take Initiative & Succeed!

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