Is your scheduler getting appointments?

The Revenue Resource teleconference series by Gina Pellegrini has revolutionized the way we make phone calls. The role-playing aspect is what makes it so effective. Gina’s straightforward nature and go-getter attitude forces you to think on your feet while remembering her guidelines, get the appointment! She has a specialized approach for each type of phone call that really works!

-Bri Monroe


The Revenue Resource is an interactive teleconference series for business owners and marketing coordinators.  In eight, one-hour calls, I explain how to increase appointments and referrals by mining your client base and improving telephone techniques.



Next Series of The Revenue Resource:

All calls will be @ 11:00am (CST) on: Jun. 20, Jun. 22, Jun. 27, Jul. 11, Jul. 25, Aug. 8, Aug. 29, Sep. 28

(Registration Deadline: June 21, 2017)


During the series, I explain how to leverage your time to increase sales. Marketing coordinators learn strategies to schedule appointments consistently, and business owners develop trust to let go of all their calls. The result? Better client management and more revenue from your untapped gold mine! As an experienced trainer, I use role-playing with marketing coordinators to improve verbal skills and build confidence. Marketing coordinators practice their phone language and receive immediate feedback on getting returned calls, overcoming objections, and so much MORE. At Pellegrini Team Consulting, we’ve helped business teams reach their full potential for more than 21 years. After attending The Revenue Resource series, your calendar will be consistently full because of the marketing coordinators confidence on the phone. Sign up today!


Here’s what others have said


After the first call we received the following testimonial from an advisor: The call was great today. You have so many great ideas and I can’t wait to get them implemented.

-Nick Reiland, Advisor

I have to be honest, I was very nervous to begin this program. However, I found Gina to be very easy to work with. By the second phone call, I felt more comfortable, gained incredible confidence and noticed a huge improvement in my results, as has my boss!

-Karina Rodreguez, Marketing Coordinator

Gina taught our firm a very valuable lesson – “people only care that they are being taken care of, not who is taking care of them.” She shifted my widely held belief that I alone had to make the phone calls to existing clients, prospects, and centers of influence (which I could never do consistently). Her program provided my assistant with a daily game plan (30 to 45 minutes) to pick up the phone, sell the appointment, and follow up with confidence. New actions, more appointments, greater effectiveness. I thank you again, Gina, for helping me discover my blind spot.

– Charles Welde, Wealthcare Advisors

The Revenue Resource information has been so purposeful and effective in scheduling client account reviews and gathering information from check-in calls. We had our best month ever with the highest gross commissions since Tammy’s been in the business 24 years and credit our success in some measure from the strategic and well-defined verbal ping-pong skills that were learned from the Revenue Resource.

– Christine Dellwo – Marketing Coordinator


  Call #1 (Advisors and Marketing Coordinators)
  • Clarify Advisor’s role and expectations for appointment scheduling
    • Create an Ideal Week for appointment stream
    • Explain value of check-in calls
    • Examine ways to increase referrals/Centers of Influence
    • Prepare/explain call lists; establish communication process; build accountability
    • Determine number of calls per day

Call #2 (Marketing Coordinators)
  • Explain tracking dials
    • Demonstrate how and when to leave messages
    • Schedule time slots for telephone calls
    • Discuss overcoming objections, getting past gatekeepers, etc.
    • Explain importance of keeping notes in database
    • Review phone scripts; prepare for role-playing

Calls #3, 4 (Marketing Coordinators)
  • Review calling results
    • Identify obstacles to appointment scheduling
    • Role-play with existing clients and referrals

Call #5 (Marketing Coordinators)
  • Review calling results
    • Identify obstacles to appointment scheduling
    • Role-play with seminar follow-ups, cold calls, etc.

Call #6 (Advisors and Marketing Coordinators) 
  • Recap progress of program
    • Review strategies for staying on track
    • Re-examine ways to increase referrals and Centers of Influence.
    • Emphasize marketing coordinator’s role in driving marketing game plan

Call #7 (Marketing Coordinators)
  • Review progress; discuss obstacles
    • Continue role-playing

Call #8 (Marketing Coordinators)
  • Review progress
    • Discuss new marketing ideas for and from marketing coordinators

All calls are one hour

$2,500/Advisor & 1 marketing coordinator

$1,000 for each additional marketing coordinator

(Maximum 10 marketing coodinators per series)